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Julia Budd: "I shouldn’t be overlooked!"

The 145 pounder talks business before Invicta 5 fight. (Picture: Elias Stefanescu/

After two outings at Invicta Fighting Championships, Julia Budd is set to make her third appearance in WMMA’s premier organization against Mollie Estes. Even though she had to deal with multiple new opponents leading up to this fight, „The Jewel“ is ready to showcase her skills and earn herself a title shot in the 145 pound division down the road. Julia, let us know how you received the news that Cyborg will replace you.
Julia Budd: I heard from my manager and husband Lance Gibson and they told me that they had another opponent for me, but that a title opportunity would be further down the line granted, if I continue winning.

What were your first thoughts?
Disappointment, then it turned into motivation

Can you understand Invicta’s decision?
I do understand the decision. And at the end of the day it's a business.

How satisfied were you, that Invicta had another opponent for you?
Very satisfied. It's been a long road with many opponent changes, but on April 5 it will all be worth it.

Was it difficult to change your strategy for a new opponent?
No, we always prepare for everything, so I am ready for any opponent they bring at me.

Regarding title dreams: now with the new opponent, what will change for you?
I just feel I need to continue winning and my performances will do the talking.

What does a win bring you?
I think a win means I get a top ten opponent on the next card and by the end of the year a potential title shot.

What do you think about Estes?
I think she's a tough lady. I think she's good everywhere and I want to test her skills and showcase what I do.

What dangers does she bring?
I think her skills are equal on her feet and on the ground, so I just need to be on and I can take the fight anywhere it needs to go.

Anything to watch out for?
Anything can happen in a fight so I figure to be ready for everything.

What can your fans expect in this fight?
Expect a knockout, expect my standing and ground strikes to be vicious and methodical. Expect me to send a message to the 145 pound division, that I shouldn't be overlooked!