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Dennis Siver admits: I took hCG drops

Dennis Siver (Photo: Elias Stefanescu/

The German MMA community was in shock on March 15. In the drug test after his win at UFC 168, Dennis Siver tested positive for “human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)”, a peptide hormone which is on the NSAC’s banned substances list because of its ties to steroid abuse.

On March 26, Dennis Siver issued a statement to in which he talked about his positive drug test for the first time; you can read the statement here.

On April 2, Dennis Siver has been issued a temporary suspension by the NSAC. Last weekend, Siver was at the FIBO expo in Cologne, Germany where he did a video interview with Read some of the highlights below, as he opens up a little bit more about his failed drug test.

Dennis Siver on fighting at the UFC Fight Night in Berlin:

“It looks like I won’t be fighting in Berlin, unfortunately. But I can’t do anything about it right now.”

Dennis Siver on his positive drug test after UFC 168:

“Before my last fight, I took a medium to help me with my diet, hCG drops. This is an over the counter product, you can buy it on the internet. It’s nothing bad, it was supposed to help burning fat and it helps suppressing the hungry feeling. That’s why I tried it, and unfortunately, it came up in the drug test. There was a small value in my sample, but it was enough to suspend me indefinitely until the situation is going to be dissolved.

And unfortunately, everything is taking too long, in my opinion, because normally, it should be dealt with within two or three weeks and then you know where you’re at. In my case, this thing has taken three months already and it continues to get pushed back more and more by the athletic commission. Nobody is able to do anything about it, neither me nor the UFC. That’s why I won’t be able to fight in Berlin. Even if the punishment will be minor or there will be no punishment at all, there’s not enough time to prepare for a fight. That’s why I’ll have to fight somewhere else.”

Dennis Siver on his preparation for UFC 168:

“I couldn’t train with my coach for my last fight because he’s sick, he has cancer. He wasn’t able to train with me because he had to undergo his therapy, chemotherapy, he was just too weak. That’s why I had to train with new guys, including someone who helped me with nutrition. He recommended me these [hCG] drops, he said they would work well. He also said they were not forbidden because they were being used everywhere. And that’s true, if you inform yourselves about hCG diet, everybody can do that, that’s the name, hCG diet. If you look it up, there’s no information, if you order or buy these drops, it doesn’t say that it’s forbidden for athletes. And that’s why I relied on this person and took these drops. And now we have these results, unfortunately. Like I said, the value is small, but it’s enough to make a scene out of it.”